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While all Florida schools have been forced to close, Coastal Education Center is permitted by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) to remain open during the COVID-19 school closures. 

To abide by the DOH and Center for Disease Control (CDD) guidelines, we promise to have low student/teacher ratio and not only follow but to go above the guidelines for sanitization set forth by the CDD. We are a small facility which allows us to easily stay clean.

Some of Coastal's COVID-19 Policies Include:

  • Students and families will be asked to sanitize before entering.

  • All students and staff will receive a temperature check upon arrival.

  • Any student with a temp of 99 or higher will be sent home immediately.

  • Students coughing repeatedly will be sent home immediately. 

  • Students will be asked throughout the day to clean their hands and reminded not to touch their face.

School Closure Camp

Hours:  9 am - 3 pm

Options:     3 Day Rate: $125/week

                5 Day Rate: $165/week


Students enrolled will have academic time throughout the day to work with a certified teacher on the schoolwork that is assigned by his/her school. We are prepared for the possibility of school closures to last longer than just one week.

Age: Enrolling ages 7-17

Urgency: Space is Limited. Call Now!

Class Size:  12:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

How to Enroll:  Click below or

                          call (386) 232-8502

Requirements:  Technology device to do work, interview with director for acceptance.

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