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About Us

Our Philosophy 

    Coastal Education Center is a small, non-denominational, private school located in Palm Coast, Florida. Our approach to teaching and learning embodies a philosophy that all students learn differently. Our teachers work with each student to optimize their success.  We believe that every student can be successful. Our goal is to bring out the best in every student by building a relationship of trust with our students. When a student trusts a teacher, learning increases at a faster rate. We not only teach, but mentor our students at the same time. This combination of teaching and mentoring increases both confidence and academics. There is no doubt that our methods are effective when we hear that students love our school and are making growth academically and socially! 

Why Choose Coastal Education Center?

     Whether your child struggles, isn't challenged enough, or has difficulty in a traditional school setting, Coastal is a school that will provide success as well as a love of learning.  

     Students enrolled at Coastal Education Center receive more accommodations in their education than any other education setting. Each student receives a combination of one-on-one teaching, small group, extra time if needed, frequent breaks, and much more.  We ensure a safe, bully-free environment where everyone is treated with respect and provided the support and tools they need to be successful. Starting in the 2023-2024 school year, Coastal will teach bible study to all students. We welcome students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds!

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